Palazzone di Cortona

INDAM Meeting:
Noncommutative Geometry, Index Theory and Applications

Cortona, June 11-15 2012

This workshop is an international conference and has pedagogical and research aims. It will be devoted to several aspects of the current research activity in noncommutative geometry, index theory and its applications to various areas of mathematics and mathematical physics. It will bring together specialists from several sectors such as global analysis, spectral geometry, index theory, cohomology theories, K-theory, C*-algebras and operator algebras, conformal field theory, gauge theory and related subjects.
The event will also include the 2012-meeting of the french-italian bilateral project GDRE GREFI-GENCO.
Please note that due to the restricted size of the lecture hall, the number of participants has to be limited. We kindly ask you to apply for registration before January 31.


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